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*The people in the assembly) said by way of counsel: "is
far as human effort is concerned, defeat (in battle) must not be
thought of. If victory is inevitable to the Karnatakas, Your
Majesty vrill lose territory, and be involved in troubles, owing
to the defeat of the three kings on the frontier. Therefore, it
is necessary to deliberate deeply and take preliminary
The Gajapati observed: " There is the God Jagannatha to
help us in all difficulties/' The envoys of the three (Mussal-
man) states said: et Of course, Your Majesty has Jagannatha,
juat as our masters have the Kartar (Grod). Our masters are
sending all the troops of oi:r three kingdoms to the banks of
the Krsna, where they should lie encamped to prevent the
Karuatakas from crossing the river. We request Your
Majesty to command your officers to strengthen the places on
the frontier/'
The Gajapati said that he would arrange the frontier
defences accordingly and sent forces strong enough to take pre-
liminary precautions to Kondavidu, Udayagiri, Bellamkonda,
Nagarjunakonda, Kandukur, and other places. He also
commanded the sixteen Patras to take similar steps in defence
of their estates and forts; and in obedience to the royal
commands they sent provisions and ammunition to the frontier
and the forts.
RZyavacakam* pp. 69-74.
Appaji (i.e. Saluva Timmarasa) said : " The Gajapati is
not like the Mussalmans; he is a monarch of good repute; he
has faith in the gods and Brahmans/9
Timxnarasa then proceeded to recount the story of the
attempted assassination of the Gajapati in order to illustrate
the holiness 01 his character. On one occasion, the Gajapati's
enemies wanted to put an end to him by mixing poison in the
tlriha from the shrine of JagautLatha which he was accustomed